I Wanted to Be Hired by a Company That I Believed in

I believe in taking care of ourselves in any way that we can, so I care about what I drink each day. The tan hiep phat beverage group is a company here in Vietnam and they make great products that I enjoy drinking. So when it came time to find a job, I thought it might be a great place to work. Plus, I have a friend who works there, and she loves it. Read the rest of this entry »

Get Walk In Cooler And Freezer In New York To Keep Food And Beverages In Good Condition

FREEZER2-master675In today’s hospitality, restaurant, catering and food service industries, quality commercial refrigeration is essential. Purchasing food products in bulk is a great way to save money, but only if you have adequate storage. And during the fast-paced, high-pressure food preparation stages, food items need to be easily accessible. Most importantly, your goods need to be kept cool — maintaining food safety as well as freshness and flavor is important. A lot of money gets wasted in having to get rid of spoiled food that was not stored properly. This aspect can potentially have very bad impact on how your business moves forward and how it is seen by critics and consumers. So, you should invest in a good cold storage solution as soon as you can.

Owning a walk in cooler and freezer in New York or anywhere else in the world will result in providing convenience to store food items, lowering operating costs, and promoting easier accessibility. These cooling walk in units will provide much bigger storage space. They are much bigger, and stronger as compared to conventional refrigeration systems, such as roll in refrigerators, chest freezers, dual temps, and blast chillers.

Regular refrigerators function by using freezer generated cold air in order to keep the food cold, while the walk-in coolers and freezers generate low temperature using a series of fans and contenders. These fans are automatically turned on and off, so that they can keep the temperature constant throughout the unit. The technology behind these units is more like the one of an air conditioner than the one of a refrigerator. Thermostats and condensers also play a very important role in well-functioning of these cooling units. Where thermostats control the temperature level, condensers keep the temperature constant once it goes over the value set by thermostat. Read the rest of this entry »

Buy branded food online – Increase your savings with each purchase

fffBranded food speaks quality and no wonder that as a buyer, it ranks high on your shopping list. But to curtail costs, you often resort to loose packs or lesser-known brands. However, you are just risking your family’s health here. Especially, if the nutrition/ingredients list (given at the back of the box) is not approved by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. Branded foods come with the approval of FSSAI.

Thankfully, you can now get all of your favorite brands online with the click of a mouse.

Ok that’s great but how am I benefiting here? Read the rest of this entry »

Food and drink deals in Chandigarh

107272011144332Food is just to eat! Never bring this thought again in your mind, do justice with your taste buds and let your nose smell the fascinating aroma of the most alluring dishes. How amazing is to find all your desired dishes just at one hole? AmazeDeal is concerned about your love for food and respects your emotions. With amazing deals in tricity, grab the best offers just at the moment. Stalk us now and enjoy easy and cost effective deals. Barbeques, Buffet, coffeehouse, table top cooking and many more varieties of food. We won’t let you skip your special time in just hunting all over the city for your favoured food platter. Your long search food is now over and you get everything at that one place. You are lucky enough to cherish comfort of home delivery also. Tired from work and no mood to cook, just make a move with your finger and help out your belly with tempting food. Relax yourself with tasty and ready to serve food.

Eat, Repeat and Eat asap

AmazeDeal is all set to revive our customers with new and various cuisines in tricity. Don’t make your feet walk so far in search of your favourite dishes just tap on your selected deals and enjoy the lucrative offers now. From Italian to Chinese and Asian cuisines, you get to choose your be-loved food items here on AmazeDeal. Relish yourself with fine dine, family style, local food points, casual dining and fast food restaurants. Amazing food and magnificent ambience of hotels where you can have the best of your time with dear friends and family. Pay a simple online marketing fees and you get a massive discount on several appealing food and drinks deals. Grand hotels with their marvellous service are now in your access. Super awesome food discounts. Have a good time enjoying Mocktails, soft drinks and hard drinks at an easy to go price. Read the rest of this entry »

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